Hi! We are in the process of relocating accross the country and our apothecary is in transit. We have temporarily suspended making new product until we move into our new home. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cozy...meet luxury!

Golden Oil

Our proprietary blends of carrier oils are formulated to be highly nourishing, provide protection against free radicals, and leaves your skin soft & radiant. Our products are all vegetarian, natural - free of parabens, chemicals and unwanted preservatives. We never test on animals.

Essential Oils

At Noble, we use only the highest grade of essential oils and tree resins in our formulations.  Essential oils have remarkable therapeutic qualities,  and we choose each one carefully. 

"Cozy" is a Lifestyle

Self-care isn't just taking care of your skin:  we believe that making the simplest of daily tasks exquisite, is the key to tranquility.  We create our special products to keep you feeling calm & cozy. Visit us often as we expand our collection.