Wolfin Woods

"Wolfin Woods was started by my father and I to bring the best quality products to the modern gentleman.  Our proprietary blends are formulated with carefully chosen ingredients and oils that are proven to enhance your mood, your skin, your thinking.  With some of our oils dating back thousands of years, being used on warriors  to inspire bravery, to protect against bacteria and illness, to enhance focus, and to bring good luck and fortune.  We hold strong to our beliefs in these oils, our blends, and how impactful they are.  We did not hold back with the quality here.  Everything is made with carefully sourced essential oils and ingredients that will bring the utmost care and nourishment to your body. 


We believe in natural, pure, and proven ingredients that work.  We stay away from harsh chemicals, that just do more damage to your skin.  We stay away from diluted oils, extracts, and harmful alcohols and only focus on providing you with the best of the best.  We don't want to be gimmicky, we aren't selling you on our humorous ads, we aren't promoting hyper-masculinity, saying you need to look like a lumberjack to use our products.  We are for the modern man, the gentlemen. We give you a truly premium product that works, and let our products speak for themselves." 


Matthew Snow - Founder, C.O.O